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Dr. Warren Shepell consults in Executive Career Coaching and Counselling, EAP and Wellness, conducts EAP Surveys and EAP Audits as well as invests in Internet Domains. He brings wisdom and many years of successful experience to these fields.

Warren Shepell is a well-recognized pioneer in the field of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and well-being in the workplace, among family members, couples, and individuals. In 1979, he started, developed, and ran Warren Shepell Consultants Corp/Warren Shepell-The EAP Professionals/Les Consultants Shepell Ltee. He grew his EAP firm to an employee group of 460 full time and 1500 part time employees and provided EAPs to over 2,000 organizations (small, mid-sized, and large) covering over 4 million employees, which he sold in 2005. He brought the concept of mental health counselling to the mainstream population.

He was never part of the Morneau Sobeco, Shepell-fgi, Morneau Shepell, or Shepell organization since he sold his EAP firm Warren Shepell Consultants Corp. in 2005. They subsequently incorporated his last name in their company name.

In addition to his wealth of EAP experience he worked as an Industrial Psychologist in Executive Career Counselling, Management Consulting on Human Relations, Management Issues, and Management Development. He also consulted as a Career Counsellor with the graduating classes of most of the Private High Schools in Ontario.

He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a PhD in Counseling and Clinical psychology; a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of Waterloo; and a BA majoring in Psychology from the University of Manitoba.

Warren Shepell brings heart, sensitivity and appreciation for the uniqueness found among people in their journey in life.

"Each of us has a heart, a soul, and feelings. Each of us desires to be wanted, to be appreciated, and to be loved and each of us enjoys work when it is satisfying and rewarding”.